New Interview | GUY SEBASTIAN

Victoria Adelaide: Your new song Choir is on top of the charts. Can you tell us the story behind the song?
Guy Sebastian: It’s a song that came out of tragedy. The last time I was with Luke, I was touring the UK, and part of Europe, just me and Luke playing with and supporting an artist over there. We opened the show together and that’s very tough for me now in hindsight because it’s my last memory of Luke. We spent a lot of time together, hanging out in Scotland, in random cities, in the UK, but I never knew he was going through such a battle at the time. On my last phone call with him, he didn’t seem like himself. I spoke with him then I spoke to my wife and told her I felt something wasn’t right with Luke. I was in LA when I got the news that he had passed away. It was very hard. My wife and I have had to deal with suicide before. My wife’s brother took his own life; it was, and still is, a very tough thing to try to understand. I think it leaves everybody with a lot of questions. Choir is about not taking each other for granted and not waiting for the perfect opportunity to give someone a call, a hug, or just being there for them. The other night, I had all my brothers and friends over. We were in a bar having a drink together and then we formed a circle and said one thing that we loved about a person like, “You are very loyal,” or “You’re a very stand up person,” etc. Then it would go on to the next person. Everybody would say something about them and it was weirdly emotional. Usually, guys go to the pub and drink; we’re not really talkers or encouragers of each other. So this is a really nice thing that we did and I think guys need to do that a lot more….

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Crush Of The Week | Nikka Costa

Victoria Adelaide: You were a child star. How did you handle fame at such a young age?
Nikka Costa: 
I loved singing and I was used to this lifestyle because my father was a musician. I was always in the studio with him, saw concerts in which he performed, and we were always traveling. But when I started singing, I was so successful. The workload was overwhelming; it was a lot. We were constantly traveling, mainly in Europe. I was attending school in America, being a normal child, then I would go to Europe and I would have to work long hours but still had to remain pleasant and smiley even though I had crazy jet lag. It was a lot to take as a child because it was the world of adults. It wasn’t like the workload changed because I was a child, so I just had to go with the pace of an adult world, which was sometimes very exhausting. But I had a lot of breaks too, so I could have balance. I guess that’s why I ended up being so normal, grounded, and sane…

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