This Week | Elisabeth Horowitz

Victoria Adelaide: Ms. Horowitz, can you tell us what psychogenealogy is?

Elisabeth Horowitz: Psychogenealogy is a new discipline that focuses on a family’s history over two or three generations.

VA: Your interest in psychogenealogy began 30 years ago. What triggered it?
EH: I became interested in psychology in my university studies in the early ’80s. I came across an article about transgenerational inheritance, suggesting that the problems we encounter could be inherited from the trajectories of our parents, grandparents, and ancestors from both the maternal and the paternal side. That article truly ignited my desire to research more on the topic, as there was almost no documentation available at the time. I published my first book in 1995, and I would say that psychogenealogy started to emerge publicly about 20 years ago…

Crush Of The Week | Amp Fiddler

Victoria Adelaide: Amp Fiddler, do you think funk is still alive?
Amp Fiddler: Yes, I do and I know for a fact that funk is always gonna be alive. There are new young artists all over the planet that love funk. I met this band in Japan called ‘Tu Funk’ and they are like real funk fanatics, they are number one top pop artists in Japan and they make funk music funky once again…

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Photo: Lan Tran
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