New Interview | Elisabeth Horowitz | Synchronicity (Part2).

Victoria Adelaide: Mrs. Horowitz, can you explain the link between synchronicity and psychogenealogy?
Elisabeth Horowitz: We link synchronicity to the genealogical tree because we observe that there are age and date coincidences. For example, when people came to see me for consultations, the first thing I asked them was how old they were, at what age they got in trouble, and what’s happened to their parents and their grandparents when they were the same age. Were they in a coincidence age? Did they reach an age that had also been sensitive for some of their family members? Very often, that was the case. People start falling into depression when they reach the age of one of their ancestors when they died. The work on age is revealing. Then we have the coincidences with dates. I was born on October 10th, and I realize that my grandparents got married on October 10th, two generations before me, or that an uncle on my father’s side was born on October 10th as well. The first question to ask ourselves is, “Does my birthday already exist in the genealogical tree? Am I in synchronicity with dates that existed before me? If yes, which ones?” These coincidences are not limited to my birthday it can also be the date when I’m going to get married…

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Crush Of The Week | Nikka Costa

Victoria Adelaide: You were a child star. How did you handle fame at such a young age?
Nikka Costa: 
I loved singing and I was used to this lifestyle because my father was a musician. I was always in the studio with him, saw concerts in which he performed, and we were always traveling. But when I started singing, I was so successful. The workload was overwhelming; it was a lot. We were constantly traveling, mainly in Europe. I was attending school in America, being a normal child, then I would go to Europe and I would have to work long hours but still had to remain pleasant and smiley even though I had crazy jet lag. It was a lot to take as a child because it was the world of adults. It wasn’t like the workload changed because I was a child, so I just had to go with the pace of an adult world, which was sometimes very exhausting. But I had a lot of breaks too, so I could have balance. I guess that’s why I ended up being so normal, grounded, and sane…

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