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Originating from the beautiful island of Guadeloupe, Stevy Mahy’s music is honey to our ears and medicine to our soul. As vibrant as she is colorful, Stevy Mahy is, undeniably a ‘Renaissance Woman’ we are proud to look up to as a role model for generations to come.

By Victoria Adelaide | NOV 13. 2017

Victoria Adelaide: Stevy, are you in love?
Stevy Mahy: Yes, absolutely. Love is the foundation of my existence. I’m in love with the process of being in love with life itself, and slowly but surely falling in love with myself.

VA: Your album ‘Renaissance Woman’ was partly crowdfunded. Besides the financial aspect of it, was it a deliberate choice to have your supporters involved in the making of the album and if so, why?
SM: I wanted this to be my people’s album. Every song is an experience that I wanted to share with others. So many aspects of Crowdfunding were interesting, and the fact that my followers would feel like they took part in my project was one of the major reasons I chose to do it.

VA: This album is a testimonial to your journey as a woman through its different cycles. Would you say that music works a bit like a therapy for you?
SM: Music carries all types of energies. It’s the perfect medium to portray my emotions and carry me through my life’s journey. It’s more than therapy. It’s the outside reflection of how I am and how I feel inside.

VA: You direct most of your videos. What was it like to direct others in your video ‘Show You’?

SM: It was a wonderful experience. I feel as if it gives me much more freedom to express what I want, especially because ‘Show You’ is such a personal song. I love being able to live it through other characters.

 -What major differences did you notice between Steve and Maryvonne?
SM: Pain… I feel as if for Steve the realization of self-love was something painful at first, and you can see that on his face. It was hard for him to be exposed to his own truth. Maryvonne shows something different, more like self-compassion.

VA: You are creative in other areas. You also have your own ‘handmade’ jewelry line ‘Moun’. Why ‘Moun’ and what does it mean? 
SM: I love using my hands to create things, I love art. I decided to launch my own jewelry line because I wanted to wear pieces that would stand out, originals. Moun is a creole word which means ‘People’ and you pronounce it MOON. I love the fact that it could mean ‘People of the moon’.

-What is your creative process, your inspiration to create unique pieces? 
SM: I just sit at my table and let it flow, I never know what I’m going to create; I just have trust in the creative energy that has never failed me.

-Besides earrings, purses or pencil cases, do you plan to extend your line further?
SM: Yes, absolutely, I would love to have a clothing line in the near future.

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VA: At what stage are you with your “Words, Love and Poetry” project?
SM: It’s still in process, I think I might be able to present this project in the beginning of the new year.

VA: What about your short video ‘Corp’oralités’?
SM: I believe we have several bodies : emotional, spiritual, physical, ethereal…And I think they all speak to us in a way that could help and ease us. We just don’t pay enough attention to them. Corporalités is the process of listening to them, acting accordingly and being in tune with all of them.

VA: Solitude? Your show on November 17, can you tell us more about its concept and the idea behind it?
SM: ‘Solitude’ is the name of one the most popular heroines of my island, Guadeloupe. She was a revolutionary, part of the maroons who fought for freedom. I wrote a piece about her and the legacy she left for this new generation. It will include music, dance and poetry.

VA: What would have happened if you had had no artistic talent at all?

SM: Who decides what is talent and what is art? As long as I’d have been able to see life as a masterpiece, I would have been perfectly fine.

VA: Can you say that at this stage of your life, you have a precise idea of who you are?
SM: I’d say I’m just trying to start figuring it out. I’m not even sure that on my last day I’ll be able to know who I am.

VA: If you had one wish , now, what would it be?
SM: Be present always … Stay in the now.

Stevy Mahy | Renaissance Woman
...every song is an experience that I wanted to share with others.``
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